Low-Dose Lung Cancer Screening (LDLS)

An effective screening test for lung cancer

Studies have shown that current and former smokers, evaluated with low-dose commuted tomography (LDCT), have a much greater survival rate than those evaluated with other methods. LDCT lung cancer screening test can even find smaller, earlier stage and more treatable cancers than X-ray.

Recently, the United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) broadened its recommendations for LDCT lung screening. Those between 50 and 80, who have smoked an average of about one pack per day for 20 years, are advised to speak to their doctor about this test.

Do you qualify?

The National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) supports lung screening for those at a high risk for lung cancer. The following chart can help you determine if you’re at high risk:

Low-dose lung screening risk factors

If you fall within one of the two “high risk” groups on the chart (above), lung screening is recommended because:

  • It can detect cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage
  • It reduces your chances of dying from lung cancer or lung disease
  • It can lead to less invasive surgery with less lung tissue removed

Don’t wait… talk to your doctor today.

Your doctor knows that lung cancer screening with LDCT is proven and saves lives. Talk to your doctor about your individual risk factors determine if a lung screening test is right for you.

*Doctor order required for exam