Prostate biopsy

If a suspicious area is found on the mpMRI scan, IHS can perform an MRI-guided biopsy that is targeted to the suspicious area. A targeted MRI-guided biopsy provides greater accuracy in diagnosis with fewer needle cores being taken, resulting in less pain and a lower risk of infection compared with a trans-rectal ultrasound (TRUS) biopsy.

Patient preparation:

  • 2 fleet enemas an hour apart the morning of the procedure instead of Magnesium Citrate

  • NPO after midnight or 6 hours prior

  • Drink water or take medication if necessary

  • Will need a driver

Prostate biopsies are done at our Encinitas location. This can be covered by insurance but we also offer it at a cash price of $1,500.

MRI Guided prostate biopsy


An MRI-guided biopsy takes place while the patient is “in-bore”—inside the MRI machine. The biopsy needle is guided to the suspicious area and provides a record of exactly where the core or sample was taken. An mpMRI scan and MRI-guided biopsy are invaluable tools for the treatment planning, no matter which course of treatment you choose.