OnQ Prostate

Through our partnership with CorTechs.ai prostate MRI at IHS uses a unique diffusion technique called OnQ Prostate along with artificial intelligence. OnQ Prostate is a post-processing software for multiparametric prostate MRI (mpMRI) images. It leverages an advanced diffusion MRI technique and utilizes artificial intelligence to enable greater accuracy in differentiating prostate cancer from normal prostate tissue. This provides valuable information that helps our doctors to differentiate between clinically significant, aggressive cancer and less threatening, slower-growing cancer. We are the only regional imaging center network to offer this advanced technology on all prostate MRI exams.

Improved Detection

This technology improves prostate cancer detection over mpMRI alone, giving you and your doctor an added measure of confidence in your prostate diagnosis. In fact, when mpMRI is combined with OnQ Prostate, it achieves 85% accuracy versus 79% accuracy with mpMRI alone.

OnQ Prostate: Case Study

To understand why OnQ Prostate with RSI technology can make a real difference when it comes to your prostate MRI exam, please read the case study below. You can also download and share this PDF with others, including your doctor.