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The non-invasive screening test that can help you avoid an unnecessary biopsy.

Current or former smoker?
Detect lung cancer at an earlier, more treatable stage—or simply gain peace of mind.

Coronary Calcium Score
Don’t be blindsided by a heart attack. Know your true risk.

A superior imaging test for prostate cancer patients.

Greater insight into your prostate health
Prostate MRI consultations with IHS doctor now available.

The following are some of the most common health conditions experienced by men.

Some, like prostate cancer, are exclusive to men. By clicking on one of the links below, you can learn about men’s health, your risk for these diseases, and what you can do to prevent them—or at the very least—detect them at their earliest stages.

Health Screenings for Men - San Dieho

There is good news. The technology to detect these men’s health problems at an earlier and far more treatable stage now exists. Advances in imaging technology have made early disease detection more practical and less expensive than ever before. In addition, there are new, minimally invasive treatments for a host of health conditions that are safer, require reduced or no hospital stay, and can effectively lower both risks and costs.

Explore our website to not only learn how advanced disease can be prevented, but how they can help you live a longer, fuller and healthier life.

Our Locations

Imaging Healthcare Specialists provides diagnostic imaging services throughout communities of San Diego from Oceanside to Chula Vista.

Our Pricing

Unlike many healthcare facilities, we are patient-focused. We demonstrate respect for your time, your privacy, your safety and your budget. We have made affordable pricing a priority.

Our Physicians

Going beyond the general aspects of imaging, our radiologists deliver high quality interpretations with an emphasis on their specialty expertise.


Imaging Healthcare Specialists is an amazing place, and is one of the few clinics that provides advanced AI assisted diagnostic technology. The staff are very friendly, courteous, well trained professionals who go above and beyond to make your visit a pleasant, productive, and informative one. Dr. Ross Schwartzberg, MD, is a highly skilled, compassionate, and very personable physician whose exceptional knowledge, in depth experience, and superb diagnostic skills are not easily matched or available. He will provide you with a very thorough and comprehensive explanation of clinical findings, and instills confidence that you are receiving the best state of the art care that is currently available. I feel very fortunate for the opportunity to have received such outstanding care from Dr. Schwartzberg and I unequivocally recommend him without reservation.

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